Manhattan Towing Service has Wheel Lift and Dollies to Tow your Vehicle safely and effectively. Manhattan Towing carefully tows your vehicle without damage.

NYC Towing Corp. is best known for its friendly and caring towing staff in NYC. We have been towing in NYC for many years now. All of our customers are content with the towing services they were provided with. We specialize in Car Dolly Towing in New York City and all of the surrounding towns and cities  If you ever break down in Manhattan NYC area then you need to Call Manhattan Towing NYC as quickly as possible so we can send out a towing truck NYC to you as fast as we could. Dolly towing is offerend when a vehicle is four wheel drive and cannot be towed on a wrecker tow truck as the other 2 wheels do not roll on the road. So that’s when the Car Dolly Towing with Wheel lift Wrecker comes into play and can assist you without a problem. All over Manhattan NYC area, we proudly provide Towing Services and Roadside Assistance along with complete Auto Repair and Auto Body NYC works.